Our story started in Porcia (in the province of Pordenone - Italy) in 1954. Ours was a family-run company from the very beginning, uniting various generations that worked in the same place and at the same ambitious project: to heat homes in the most natural way possible.

Pursuing utmost efficiency and minimum consumptions. To offer optimal comfort without polluting the environment, thus contributing to protecting our world from the wasteful use of non-renewable energies. Giving the planet, people and even homes a break.

We have been focusing on this, and only on this, since 1972. Not bad, don’t you think? We began by industrially producing fireplaces that innovated the market: they weren’t just beautiful and well- built, they were above all easy to install. This was the novelty.

We then moved onto wood and pellet stoves and fireboxes. These are innovative products developed in compliance with the highest technological standards and fully respecting the environment, tested and certified by the most prestigious European Institutes as well as by consumer-protection and environmental associations.

A new supremacy was reached every year and our company came to be acknowledged not only as the leader in the biomass heating sector but also an example to follow (and, often, to copy).



In 1992 we were the first to introduce dual-combustion technology that reduces carbon monoxide emissions and increases the heat efficiency of the fireplace.The production of the Ecofire pellet-burning firebox started in 1994. It became a new, blatant, success: we became acknowledged as the Italian manufacturer of fireboxes with the lowest emissions of carbon monoxide: 0.06%. Another revolution took place 10 years later that demolished the need to choose between wood or pellets: the Multifire firebox was born, a traditional wood-burning firebox that, with a simple touch, becomes an extremely modern automatically-fed pellet firebox. The idea and the project were an immediate success. They became international prize winners and confirmed our company’s ability to innovate.



Palazzetti Pellet Technology was born in 2009: a team that works and researches into new technologies applied to biomass heating.
The first fully-sealed firebox was designed and produced. Prospects began to change, the stove became an integral part of a cutting-edge living concept: comfort was transformed from a matter of temperature to an all-inclusive concept, in perfect harmony with the outdoor environment. But we could do even more: we could purify outgoing fumes. This is how 02Ring was born. The first system capable of eliminating more than 80% particulates. It goes without saying that research is still carrying on.
Even today, our entire family works in the company and our best energies are spent there, to make even greater improvements. To offer the market innovations that may seem impossible today, no later than tomorrow.