In any company, senior workers stand out and will always stand out as examples of reliability on the workplace, a demonstration that they do not only have their own interests at heart but also those of the company they work for or that they used to work for.

  - Prof. Vittorio Valletta -

Honorary president of Anla January 1950


Anla (Italian Association of Company Veterans) was founded in 1949 and is a No Profit association (recognised as a Association that promotes social activities) that boasts 100,000 members.

The main goal of the Association is to protect the dignity and the interests of its Veterans, to increase the importance given to their role within the Company and in society as well as to diffuse the spiritual and social values of work such as loyalty, experience and professionalism – all aspects that improve the Company's continuity, image as well as its uniting and boosting power.
(Source: Anla)

Nine company Groups on a national scale and 195 local company Groups are members of Anla.
We are proud to say that our Company is one of them.
The ANLA Palazzetti group was founded on 22.01.2003 and has 50 members.

The board of directors has 10 members: Mario Barbaro, Giacomo Bortolin (vice-chairman), Alessandro Brollo, Roberto Contini, Ornella Fusaz (secretary), Claudio Gasparotto, Sergio Perin, Bruno Rivenotto (chairman), Giorgio Zilli, Cristina Schiffo.


What we do

The activities we organise reflect the associative spirit of ANLA's national statute

Our work consists in general voluntary activities in favour of the elderly living by themselves or the disabled. It is carried out on ANLA's premises and more specifically through the L.A.V. (Senior Workers for Voluntary work) associations in the provinces of Pordenone, Udine, Ferrara and Ascoli Piceno.

We continuously organise socialising and spare-time activities such as pleasure trips (both in Italy and abroad), conferences, guided tours to particularly interesting installations or industries, to exhibitions, museums and monuments, meetings between company groups of different regions as well as training and refresher courses. One of our key goals is to reaffirm the central role that our Senior citizens have within our society as well as the spiritual values of work and of solidarity.

We also try to protect the dignity and the interests of Senior citizens, whether they are still working or retired, without forgetting the needs of the young generations: this is why we promote all types of initiatives, collaborating and integrating with the other Italian associations of this category.