Palazzetti's school
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Palazzetti's school is the company tool that recognises our company as a "school beyond the classroom".

We believe in people and in the importance of training them to develop their potentials. This is why we offer training courses for all our collaborators, in and outside the company.

Training for retailers, After-sales Service Centres and agents

Within the many services we prepare specifically for our partners, retailers and installers, lots of attention and care is paid to training. Commercial, technical, technical-commercial courses are divided into levels of in-depth analysis: we try to treat each aspect in the greatest detail.

All the courses are constructed to give enough space to theoretical and practical aspects: at the end of all the theoretical sessions you will have the possibility of taking a close look at our products, of dismantling and remounting them and of simulating failures or extreme conditions of use.

Sharing our know-how correctly is, for us, a solid starting point for an efficacious and efficient partnership.This is why we have got prepared and organised: at our premises there is a large, fully computerized training room that can accommodate more than 70 people.
Moreover: depending on your needs, we can also organize courses on your premises; to make this possible please contact our area agency.

Training for employees
We believe that our collaborators should be constantly accompanied in their growth which is why we offer an initial training course when they first join our company plus assistance on the field, as well as on-going focused training that is specific for the role they cover.

The various activities are coordinated by the Human Resources Management that is backed up by the collaboration of in-house teachers capable of explaining the company up to the highest level of specialisation, and of selected collaborators from outside the company that are capable of enriching our staff with their experiences while still sharing the company's principles and values.


We are a multi-faceted company in which it is possible to acquire new abilities and enter in contact with a multi-disciplinary environment.This is why, every year, many young people decide to participate to a training period in our company.

We believe that young people can become a link between the university and company worlds: an on the job experience can be the best way for them to decide in what direction they want their careers to go.
We are therefore happy to welcome young talents who want to put themselves to the test in a post-graduate experience and who are looking for a context from which they can gather useful information for the preparation of their thesis.

The young people are selected for each training period and the training programme, as well as the project they will be working on during their stay, is defined with them.
Their development path is followed through continuous monitoring encounters.
If you are interested in becoming a trainee in our Company please fill in your data and send us your curriculum vitae using the on-line form.