Reliability and Experience
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PALAZZETTI - Communicating emotions

Who we are?


We will tell you about it in these pages; here you will come to know us under a new light. In reality we have not changed. It is always us.
However, maybe now we are a little bit more.
With these few words, and with a few pictures, we will try to communicate our love for what we do.


There is a little of each of us. in every Palazzetti product. We are proud of this.
We are a team. We do not always manage to stay together and every day we try to make ourselves better .

We want to give you a small part of us, because we believe in what we do.
We want to tell you how we work, how we invent, and how we create.
We want to give you something more than others.

We are basically presenting ourselves in a way that that is different from anything that we have ever done.
Maybe this is an unusual way to do it, however, looking inside of us; we have understood the importance of showing who we truly are.
We are not only a business. We have both heart and soul. Exactly like you. We would like to get to know you.
Well then... Nice to meet you, WE are Palazzetti.
Now it's your turn.



Before moving on, allow us to mention only one additional note: we aremany.. In these pages you will not find everyone, yet.
We will periodically update this part of the website; we will not stop until everyone, has had a chance to introduce themselves, until you have met each one of us.
If you would like to, come back and visit these pages again: after all, this may be the best section of our new website.